The freshest ingredients from the most trusted farmers.
Many of these vendors can also be found at the Green City Market in Chicago.

Prairie Pure Cheese
Belvidere, IL

All of the cheese! Now using milk from the Hildebrandt Family Farms

Prairie Pure Cheese

Nordic Creamery
Westby, WI

Fresh Butter

Bennison’s Bakery
Evanston, IL

Fresh baked white sourdough bread

Mick Klug Farm
St. Joseph, MI

Apples, peaches, blueberries, tomatoes, and more

Jake’s Country Meats
Cassoplolis, MI

Ham, pork sausage, bacon, chorizo, and chicken

River Valley Ranch
Burlington, WI

Five cheese garlic spread, Heirloom tomato salsa and fresh mushrooms

Iron Creek Farm
LaPorte, IN

Tomatoes and more

Finn's Ranch
Buchanan, MI

Farm fresh eggs, chicken, and pork